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Shock Waves + PRP for PD

Extracorporeal shockwaves are high pressure, low-frequency sound waves, generated by a device outside the body and applied to the penile plaque using an ultrasound scanner. We also use the anti-inflammatory properties, growth factors, nutrients, and water of PRP to soften the fibrotic tissue in the plaque, reducing the curvature of the penis typical for Peyronie's disease.

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Stem Cells for PD

The stem cells produce chemicals that regulate the body’s immune response, which can reduce inflammation and some of the other negative side effects related to an over-active immune response. With Peyronie’s disease, in particular, the relevant chemicals secreted by the stem cells during the differentiation process are those that reduce the production of structural proteins that contribute to the formation of the fibrous plaques.

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Trimix is a form of erectile dysfunction treatment that comes in the form of a penile injection. The medication works by relaxing the smooth muscle and opening the blood vessels in your penis, causing an erection. The injection is self-administered and can be taken 5-15 minutes before sexual activity. Trimix can be used both for treating erectile dysfunction and treating other conditions as determined by a healthcare provider.

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Exosomes for Men

The modern medical community is using exosome therapy for treating erectile dysfunction. Exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells, for instance, were found to activate several signaling pathways which are important in bone fracture repair and wound healing. These exosomes also participate in the regulation of immune-mediated responses and inflammatory diseases including the inflammation proceses during Peyronie's disease.

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  • My curve gets better as time goes by, no pain and a straighter 'buddy'. I’m glad I kicked the moths out of my checkbook and anteed up. It was money most certainly well spent. I was in Paris with my wife and this was wonderful. All my fear came to naught 'cause I'm not beware of possible fail any more. Things got longer and stronger as I saw time pass from the end of my treatments.


  • I read the science. I saw the numbers. So I searched for a provider of a stem cells treatment protocol. And I found Peyronie's Disease Treatment Center in USA. I went to see a urologist to learn about their treatment regimen. What I learned impressed me. I tried several procedures and this extremely blowed my socks off since all my discomfort disappeared.


  • I have suffered with bad PD. I imagine I may have damaged the smooth muscle in the penis and I wondered if there is any chance that something could help improve this damage. It has been about 4 months since I last had the treatment, and I had 6 procedures of shock pulse. Now I can say for sure that my curve has finally improved and all those painful sensations left me alone.


  • PD was the issue which prevented me both from having sex and from having a baby with my wife 'cause every trial brought pain and dissappointment. All guys looking to regain sensitivity, get rid of pain and finally get a chance for having kids and grandkids, be sure to attend this awesome center! These guys really make miracles.


  • After a very detailed history and exam, we made a customized treatment plan for me. Over the following twelve weeks, I noticed an incredible improvement in my erections but I wanted more. I requested a second round of treatments. I am now five months out from second course of treatment and able to have erections powerful and straight enough to engage in sex. Try it!


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